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Drivers who operate any commercial motor vehicle (CMV) drivers needs to have optimal health and therefore needs to pass a Department of Transportation (DOT) physical examinations. This is beneficial for the safety of the other vehicles and passengers on the road and it also ensures that you are away from any car accident injuries.

What is a DOT?

If you are a skilled driver operating a commercial vehicle like a bus or a truck, the demands of your work can be quite stringent. To maintain the protection and the welfare of the environment and other drivers on the road, you will also need to have a physical DOT (Department of Transportation) exam.

A DOT physical is a verification that has been mandated by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). It ensures that heavy transport drivers are eligible to operate the assigned vehicle.

This examination means that you are able to fulfill the physical standards of your profession. This involves being able to withstand the health risk faced by remaining seated on a driver’s seat for a long time period.

DOT Physical Conduction

A DOT physical conduction process involves the following steps:

  • Your specialist doctor will ask you about your present health. It will involve asking about medications, surgeries, drug use, and present medical conditions.
  • A physical examination will comprise of a hearing, blood pressure, eyesight, and any other test to evaluate your general wellbeing.
  • A urinalysis is conducted as well. This test provides detailed information about glucose levels (blood sugar), and the use of drugs. They might require a blood sample to perform these tests effectively and accurately.

The complexity of DOT Physical

DOT physicals are programmed to decide whether you are fit to drive a commercial vehicle. The complexity of a DOT physical depends on certain factors. You can handle a lot of factors that would disqualify you.

If you can prove that the illness is stable and that you are under the close supervision of a qualified practitioner, you will usually be eligible to receive a certificate.

You can get your DOT physical exams done by Chicago Immediate Care with great comfort. Contact Us to get more information and an appointment.


How to clear a DOT physical?

You can clear it by maintaining your health and eating as healthy as possible at least a week before the physical.

What happens if you fail a DOT physical?

You can’t keep returning through various doctors’ tests in an attempt to meet an instructor who’s going to pass you. Medical experts are obligated to review the details of any DOT examination conducted to the FMCSA, so it’s highly unlikely that they will clear you for an exam you are not fit for.

Do DOT physicals involve drug tests?

No, but they do ask you to submit a urine sample. They test everything through that.

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