Accurate Drug Screening Services For Employers

The drug screening test is an important component of the hiring process. Both potential candidates and the current workforce are screened to ensure they are not using any drugs, and thus affecting their performance. Moreover, it can also ruin the workplace atmosphere as well as cause unnecessary risks.

Drug Screen Tests Are Usually Done In Three Ways:

  •  Urine Sample
  • Blood Test
  • Saliva Test

Hair and sweat are also collected for testing purposes.

At Chicago Immediate Care, our drug test procedures are very rigorous. We test for a wide range of specific drugs using multiple panel tests. Examples include amphetamines, THC, CBD oil positive drug test, cocaine
opiates and more.

Here’s Why We’re A Preferred Drug Screening Test Partner:

  • Experienced testing team
  • Accurate results
  • Quick report generation
  • Confidential procedures
  • Latest testing technology
  •  Strict adherence to OSHA standards

Trust us to deliver authentic drug screening services so you can ensure a harmonious and
productive workplace.

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