Take Our Free Pregnancy Test to Be Extra Sure

Getting pregnant is an important milestone in life, but only for planned pregnancies. There could also be situations where a pregnancy is unplanned, and it is critical to establish that you are going to bear a child either way at the earliest.

While you can choose simple DIY tests that are available from the pharmacy, it is better to take a pregnancy test in a clinical setting. You will be assisted by a professional and can also get any additional questions you may have answered.

We offer free pregnancy tests at our clinic without you having to schedule appointments. In addition to this flexibility, here are some reasons for you to consider getting your test done with us.

  • Sterile environment to undergo your test
  • Assistance from qualified professional.
  • Accurate results to help clear your mind of any doubts
  • Complete confidentiality
  • No health insurance required

Apart from testing, in case results show that you are pregnant, you can receive information on follow up care too. We also provide pregnancy treatment if you decide to have your baby.

Whether you just want to do a pregnancy test or need treatment during pregnancy, you can approach our clinic with confidence.

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