Primary Care That Sets You on the Right Path

The role of primary care is to provide the right initial diagnosis and treatment. If you are facing a sudden illness or unexpected injuries, it is important you get a proper evaluation done by a primary care physician.

Primary care has two main advantages: First, it prevents further health complications with early treatment. Second, it saves you a lot of money compared to specialized treatments. Thus, timely checkups and using primary care results in both health and financial benefits.

Chicago Immediate Care offers the best primary care services in the area. You can get medical assistance any time of the day, without scheduling appointments. We remove the anxiety of having to wait for assistance, and provide the best care money can buy.

Our Primary Care Clinic Features:

  • An experienced medical team of primary care physicians and supporting staff
  • Latest medical equipment for cutting-edge treatment
  • A well-equipped diagnostic lab and X-ray center for accurate and reliable testing services
  • Immediate initial treatment like injections, saline solution and oxygen facilities offered within seconds, the moment you enter

Our experienced primary care physicians can detect problems with the naked eye and can provide you the needed treatment irrespective of your health issue. Your test results are ready as soon as you stabilize, paving way for the next course of medical assistance. Your good health is our only focus!

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