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What is a school physical?

A school physical examination is a standard procedure that the primary care physician (PCP) does to verify the physical wellbeing. They can be a doctor, a registered nurse, or a medical assistant. The test is also regarded as a health review. It’s not necessary to be ill to be a part of this exam.

The physical test may be a good way to ask your doctor questions in regard to your health or address any improvements or issues you may have encountered.

Various measures can be taken during a physical evaluation. Based on your age or personal or family records, further assessments may be prescribed by your physician.

Why school physical is important?

A school physical is important because physical assessment allows the PCP to assess the actual picture of a students’ fitness. The test also offers you an opportunity to speak to them about any recurring pain or problems you have and every other health issue you could have.

They help to identify:

  • Possible ailments and injuries
  • Identify issues that can cause chronic problems
  • Ensure that students are healthy and active.


Normally, most schools conduct semi-annual to annual school physical examinations to assess your general health condition. The physician will follow up with the students who are going through any health issue and also send notes to their parents. If there is any serious issue, you might need to go through screening later on.

Health centers like Chicago Immediate Care are offering practical health evaluation and examination for school-going children. This is a great practice to evaluate personal health before school physical days come up. You can contact us for more information and appointments.


Are school physicals helpful?

Yes, school physical examinations are helpful as they allow parents to be regularly informed and updated about their child’s’ wellbeing.

When do school physicals take place?

Most schools conduct them after every quarter or semi-annual. However, many healthcare centers are also offering school physicals outside of school.

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