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Sexually transmitted diseases continue to be a personal and a public health problem in the US, and STD testing remains an essential part of preserving health and wellness. At Chicago Immediate Care, STD testing is one of many services available for residents of Lisle, Lombard, and Lincolnwood, Illinois. If you would like more information, schedule a visit today. You can book your confidential appointment online or over the phone.

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STD Testing Q & A

What are the most common sexually transmitted diseases?

Sexually transmitted diseases are infections spread through sexual or intimate contact. It is important to know that you can contract certain STDs through oral sex or even intimate touching.

Some of the more common STDs include:

This is not a comprehensive list; many other sexually transmitted diseases can cause significant harm.

How do I know if I have a sexually transmitted disease?

The most important thing to understand about STDs is that many infections show no signs at all. That is why sexually transmitted disease remains a problem. Many men and women have no idea they have an infection, and therefore fail to take steps to protect their partners.

When STD symptoms are present, they might include:

  • Warts, bumps, or sores in the genital region 
  • Pain during urination
  • Skin rash
  • Swelling or red areas near the vagina or penis
  • Discharge from the penis or vagina
  • Itching near the penis or vagina
  • Pain during sex
  • Weight loss, night sweats, loose stool

If you are sexually active and not in a mutually monogamous relationship where both partners have been tested for STDs, you should include STD testing as part of your ongoing health care routine.

If your screening does not reveal signs of infection, you can discuss ways to prevent contracting an STD with your practitioner.

What happens if I am diagnosed with an STD?

The physicians at Chicago Immediate Care are deeply compassionate and share the goal of restoring and maintaining your health. If your STD testing comes back with a positive result, the next step involves a discussion of treatment paths.

Some infections can be cleared up with a simple course of antibiotics. In other cases, drug therapy can suppress your symptoms and reduce the risk of spreading the infection to your partner. Some STDs require long-term drug therapy.

Rest assured that if you come in for STD screening, you will have the support and guidance needed to determine the right treatment path for you. The process starts by scheduling an appointment for screening, which can be accomplished online or over the phone.

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