Urgent Care Near Me-Chicago Immediate Care

Our mission at Chicago Immediate Care is to provide medical care and testing that otherwise might be put off to your detriment or otherwise just be costly and inefficient. Since we treat both the insured and the uninsured, both groups can receive timely medical attention from us compared to many physicians.

We hope to expand our locations soon throughout Chicagoland in order to better serve and help even more people.

Urgent Care Near Me-Immediate Care
Chicago Immediate Care- Urgent Care

If you are sick or hurt or just want to feel better and find out what’s wrong, call or visit one of our urgent care clinics at one of the following locations:

1025 Ogden Ave #101 in Lisle. Call 630-236-0900 or 630-596-5151

3454 West Devon Ave in Lincolnwood. Call 847-581-6100

18W511 Roosevelt Road in Lombard. Call 630-953-4500

Chicago Immediate Care fills a vital niche in the provision and delivery of health care services. When you are very ill or injured but cannot get admitted to an emergency room or can be seen only after a long painful wait, as an urgent care clinic we are always available to treat you immediately.

Just as the days of physicians making home visits are long past, these days you can rarely see your main primary care physician on short notice, often not even the next day.

Chicago Immediate Care is here to ensure that when you need quick medical attention so that you are no longer in pain or that things do not get worse before your main primary care physician will see you, our physicians provide quick relief. That is our proud mission as an immediate care urgent clinic: to give timely relief when people are suffering. In addition, when your primary physician cannot see you soon, but you need certification for things like immunizations and specialized medical certifications by a deadline, we can help you quickly.

Our services are quite comprehensive, but we do have a few limitations.While we cannot perform surgery, our superior diagnostic and X-ray facilities can spot what your specific medical problem is so that we can treat it before it gets worse. If we cannot treat you for a specific ailment, we can get you a quick referral to someone who can.

Without services like urgent care clinics like ours at Chicago Immediate Care, many people would find their condition would deteriorate, possibly resulting in a chronic or lifelong condition which could put them out of work and also cost much more over time than timely quick treatment of an initial medical ailment would.

Remember that what can appear to you as just a cold or the flu mayseem like cold or flu like symptoms, but which is resulting from something much worse. We will discover and treat that with our superior facilities and physicians. We are proud that we have helped many people discover they had conditions more severe than they thought, and that thus we have helped save numerous lives.

But we offer even more than just diagnosing and helping treat life-threatening conditions. Our services are indeed much more comprehensive than just treating immediate illness or injury. If you need DOT (Department of Transportation)certification because you are a professional driver, as a walk-in clinic we can examine and certify you without your having to wait for a medical appointment that might take weeks.

The same goes for vaccinations needed for school or for foreign travel. We can also test for STDs (sexually transmitted diseases) efficiently and quickly with a minimum of fuss and with no long waiting in line or waiting for an appointment.