Urgent Care That’s Readily Accessible

There are a few scenarios wherein you are in urgent need of medical assistance beyond conventional hours. While emergency care services assist in attending to serious medical situations, urgent care helps in treating non-life-threatening medical conditions immediately.

Urgent care center patients need not schedule appointments since common injuries and illnesses are treated. This means that urgent care doesn’t involve surgical services that emergency departments are known for.

Chicago Immediate Care offers dependable urgent care services during any time of the day. Our qualified medical team is always on stand-by for your healthcare needs and is focused on providing outstanding services in treating non-life-threatening medical conditions. You can walk in and get treated immediately without scheduling appointments, thereby saving time.

Our Urgent Care Clinic Features

  • Expert compassionate care to stabilize your health and relieve stress for you and your family.
  • Latest Medical Equipment.
  • Treatment for fever, cough, cold, stomach problems, allergies, infections and all sorts of injuries from fractures to burns.
  • Well-furnished, comfortable waiting area and lavish hospitality for patients.
  • Quick and efficient X-ray and diagnostic lab to detect and commence treatments promptly.

Our urgent care clinics are prominently located to provide easy access to community members. The next time you are on the lookout for urgent care near you, think Chicago Immediate Care.

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